As a real estate investor, leads are the lifeblood of your business. At Fortris, an equation we teach our students is: Lead Flow = Deal Flow = Cash Flow

It can often happen that a source of leads that sustained your business for years will dry up. Times change, markets change, and things run in cycles.

One of the things I love about tax liens is that the leads never dry up. They say there are only 2 things you can count on: Death and Taxes. In our business, we use both of those things extensively to find great investment properties. This may sound kind of morbid, but as I like to say in the tax lien business, “the deader, the better” (looks funny in print, but sounds great when I say it out loud).
In fact, the reason we were invited to come speak to the group on May 8th at the Hilton in Biltmore Park Square is because CREIA wanted us to give the membership an overview of this abundant, but often misunderstood, lead source.

In the free 90-minute training, I’ll cover the benefits of tax strategies, why they’re often so misunderstood and under-utilized, and how you can get started zigging when the competition is zagging. Plus, everybody who comes to the meeting will get a free gift: one month access to our lead generation and vetting tools. Check out the video at to learn why these leads are so readily available, how you can get property so inexpensively, and why most people simply don’t focus on this very profitable niche strategy.
Bottom line, if you’re wondering where your next deal might come from, and the old watering holes seem to maybe be drying up, come down and learn more. Besides being the least expensive entry-point for property acquisition, tax strategies provide educated investors with all the leads they can handle.