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November 14th, 2016 CREIA Monthly Meeting

Panel Discussion: Emerging Trends in Smaller Housing

November 14th CREIA presents a panel discussion on an emerging trend in smaller housing. Four early innovators are developing unique business models to meet the unsatisfied demand for smaller, highly innovative and less expensive workforce housing, they have graciously accepted an invitation to share there insight and vision. 

 Each panel members niche is uniquely different including, tiny homes an innovation in process now being constructed as ADU’s, presented by Teal Brown of Wishbone Tiny Homes. Allan Clark of Iron Castles, creates a shipping container insert featuring a fully livable interior, no furniture purchase needed. Barry Bialik of Compact Cottages builds homes his restaurant staff can afford!  Marianne Kilkenny, author of ‘Your Quest For Home’ presents various models and alternative housing options including conversion and use of larger houses for collaborative living, shared ownership and rentals.

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Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park
5:30pm: Networking/Happy Hour
6:30pm: Meeting begins
Pre-Meeting Networking available in the lobby lounge.
Food, wine and beer available from room sevice at front desk
Members: Free
Guests: $15




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